If you have any questions about our scholarship program, please email committee chairman: Kimberly Bench  Scholarships@alldressageassociation.com

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Mission: To encourage the continuation of dressage education for all ages and promote volunteer service to the ADA by its members.

Annually the ADA will award up to four (4) Equine Education scholarships, for $300.00 each, and up to two (2) Show Service Awards, for $150 each, to members who complete the requirements of either program. Scholarship candidates will be limited to the first four (4) Equine Education scholarships applications and the first two (2) Show Service Rewards received on or before May 1.

Equine Education Scholarship Requirements:

 Declare candidacy by submitting the ADA Scholarship Candidate Intent form to the Scholarship Chairperson on or before May 1.  Click  to download a copy of the ADA  Scholarship Declaration of Intent

 Scholarship requirements must be met within the set timeline and submitted with appropriate requirement completion form.

 Attend at least two (2) ADA monthly board meetings. Consult the website for dates.

 Obtain two (2) new advertisers for the ADA.

  Volunteer for 10 or more hours for an ADA sponsored event, such as an expos, show, or clinic. Acceptable activities for volunteer hours include planning, organizing, promotion or working at the event.

 Recruit two (2) new members to the ADA. New members must state your name on their membership forms.

 Scholarship monies are to be used for any reasonable equine educational activity that is approved by the board of directors. Scholarship monies are not to be used for the training of horses or riders regular lesson routine.

 Scholarship = $300.

Show Service Award Requirements

 Declare candidacy by submitting the ADA Scholarship Candidate Intent form to the Scholarship Chairperson on or before May 1. Click to download a copy of the ADA Scholarship Declaration of Intent

 Scholarship requirements must be met within the set timeline.

 Volunteer for 25 or more hours at ADA events. Three (3) of these hours must be related to the ADA Annual Show (e.g., planning, organizing, promotion or working at the show).

 Write an article for use in an ADA communication. Article theme to be pre-approved by the board.

 Show Service Award monies will be given in the form of a voucher to be submitted as payment for ADA Show Fees and/or clinics in the coming year.

 Service Reward = $150.

 Rules and Guidelines

 Each Candidate is responsible for the completion of the ADA Equine Education Scholarship Declaration of Intent as well as the  ADA Equine Education Scholarship Completion Form  or the ADA Show Service Award Completion Form

 Each Candidate is responsible for:

          o Securing signatures from the show secretary or event coordinator confirming their volunteer participation and for how long.

          o Confirming recruited members indicate the applicant’s name on the new member’s ADA membership form before submitting to the Membership Chair.

          o Gathering documentation for advertisers and making sure all related materials are properly submitted to the Advertising Chair.

 All requirements must be met, forms and documentation submitted to the Scholarship Chair no later than October 30.

 The ADA Board shall resolve any disputes about qualifications. The decision of the Board is final.

 Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet held in November.

 Scholarship recipients must submit invoices or receipts to the ADA Board, through the Scholarship Chair for their equine educational activities. After receiving Board approval, these expenses will be reimbursed up to the $300 amount awarded. When possible, checks will be written directly to the educational program manager (instructor, organizer, etc.)

 Show Service Award vouchers are to be submitted by recipient along with ADA show entries.

 Scholarships and Show Service Awards expire one year after the annual Award Banquet at which they were received. Any unused money will revert back to the ADA treasury.

 Applicants may receive only one ADA Scholarship per year and may not receive scholarships in two consecutive years.

 Current ADA board members are not eligible for the scholarship or show service award programs.

Click here to download a copy of the above form ADA 2018 Scholarship Program


 Travel Grants for The Great Lakes Regional Schooling Show Championships

The ADA will award up to three (3) Travel Grants of $150.00/each.   These grants will be awarded to riders who have qualified for the Great Lakes Regional Schooling Show Championships and who have submitted their completed applications on or before September 1. Requirements for this grant are as follows:

 Must be an ADA member in good standing

 Obtain a minimum $75.00 of new ADA sponsorships

 Complete a minimum of 5 volunteer hours from at least 2 different ADA events at 2 different venues

 Submit a minimum 500 word essay explaining your background and goals in dressage and how you would benefit from receiving this grant.
Interested candidates MUST submit their application documenting their completed requirements ON or BEFORE September 1 st , 2018.


We have 4 special awards given out at our annual banquet:

The Tirioso Award

The Tirioso Award This award was established and is sponsored by Betty Jo Crosby in memory of her Oldenburg gelding Tirioso, who was humanely euthanized just before his twentieth birthday in April 2000. “Tiri” was a talented FEI level competitor and, because of neurological problems, was not able to continue in his next career as a teacher after his retirement from competition in 1998. Betty Jo Crosby hopes that, over the years, many will earn this award and therefore honor her sixteen-year friend, partner and teacher Tiri, a horse who seemed to take pride in his work. The selection committee in each year will consist of the judges from that year’s ADA sanctioned shows. Betty Jo Crosby will head the committee and judges will submit their nominations directly to her. The Tirioso Award will be given to the horse/rider combination voted by the ADA judges as most harmonious in that year’s ADA-sanctioned competitions. The Tirioso Award is a $200 cash stipend to be used at the rider’s pleasure. Requirements for consideration:

 Rider must be a member in good standing with the ADA prior to show(s).

 Collective marks for impulsion, submission and rider’s position are each a score of 6 or above.

 To be considered, a horse/rider combination must have at least one nomination, regarding the pair showing special compatibility, from a judge at an ADA-sanctioned competition. (While it should be noted that theoretically no rider/horse pair might meet the eligibility requirements in a given year, there is clear evidence from past competitions there are many “teams” who would qualify.)

The ADA Sportsmanship Award

All Dressage Association’s Sportsmanship Award The All Dressage Association’s Sportsmanship Award was created in 2008. The ADA’s Sportsmanship Award honors competitors who show exceptional sportsmanship throughout the show season. ADA members make nominations on their Year End Banquet registration and the nominations will be tallied and the winner announced at the Annual ADA Awards Banquet each year. The member with the most votes from their peers wins the award. In case of a tie, the Board of the ADA will make the final decision based on the individual summaries. Winners of the award will receive a free ADA membership for the following year. Membership in the ADA and good sportsmanship are the only requirements for eligibility

Musical Freestyle Award

This award is sponsored by Laurie Moore Dressage (Laurie Moore & Whitney Petersen-McIntosh). The goal of this award is to encourage riders to challenge themselves in the unique, emotional, & inspiring dance that is the musical freestyle.

Requirements for consideration:


  • Rider must be a member in good standing with the ADA, & the horse must be registered with the ADA.
    • Horse/rider combinations must earn at least two (2) musical freestyle scores at the same level, in at least two (2) ADA sanctioned competitions, under two (2) different judges.  Both scores must be at least 60%.
    • The Points Chairperson determines the winner by the highest average of the two (2) combined scores.
    • The Musical Freestyle will be judged following the USDF guidelines for Training Level through Fourth Level.
    • This is a multi-level award.
    • In the event that there is no winner from the ADA sanctioned competitions, the award will be given to an ADA member that meets the above qualification at USDF/USEF recognized shows.


C.A.N.T.E.R. Perpetual Achievement Award

The C.A.N.T.E.R. Perpetual Achievement Award was established and is sponsored by the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses in order to acknowledge the success of retired racehorses in the sport of dressage; thereby encouraging more people to consider these remarkably versatile and adaptable horses as their preferred mount. Requirements for consideration:

1. The horse must be of the Thoroughbred breed and have raced at least one time at any pari-mutuel track as verified by the horse’s tattoo.

2. The award is open to horses of all levels or combination of levels.

3. The award will be given annually to the horse with the highest percentage for the season.

4. Horse/Rider teams must meet requirement numbers 1-7 of Division Award Eligibility Requirements.

5. Recipients of this trophy will be ineligible for nomination for the year immediately following their award but may be re-nominated thereafter.

6. Rider must submit a completed nomination form no later than October 1, 2018 in order for the racing record to be verified. Nomination forms for The C.A.N.T.E.R. Perpetual Achievement Award are available on the Forms

The CANTER Perpetual Achievement Award Nomination Form_2018