ADA's 40th Anniversary Symposium: "Basics to Brilliance" with JJ Tate and Suzanne Galdun


Hampton Green Farm, Fruitport

Participation: $775/weekend; stabling $30/day additional

Auditing: Pre-registered Members: $40/day, $75 weekend ($50/day walk-in); Pre-registered Non-Members: $75/day, $145 weekend ($85/day walk-in).

The All Dressage Association Board of Directors cordially invite you to

ADA’s 40th Anniversary Symposium
“Basics to Brilliance”
with JJ Tate and Suzanne Galdun

This event is a symposium being sponsored by the All Dressage Association (ADA) GMO in Michigan (Region 2) for our 40th Anniversary. The theme of the symposium is Basics to Brilliance: the biomechanics of the rider to influence balance and harmony in the equine partnership. This symposium will include two instructors, JJ Tate and Suzanne Galdun, who share a like-minded mission to improve the rider for the benefit of the horse. Tate and Galdun’s bios and qualifications discussed below reflect a long history of classical training focused on the mission of improving riders and horses of all levels, breeds, and backgrounds regardless of age or competition goals. One of Tate’s mottos is: If you love your horse, learn to ride it well. This is the focus of the event: to help riders so that they can help their horses. We hope that our human and non-human participants will benefit greatly from this event.

The symposium will involve 12 riders across the levels with 15-30 minute interactive mini-lectures infused throughout the day with full lectures during lunch. Topics include but are not limited to Breathing, Asymmetry, the Dimensions of the Seat in Motion, Positive Tension, Off Horse Exercises, and the Importance/interpretation of the words used to improve rider position. Tate and Galdun will work simultaneously with one rider at a time for the maximum benefit of the auditors.

The symposium will be held at Hampton Green Farm (HGF) in Fruitport, Michigan. The 185-acre farm has 2 barns with ample space and amenities to hold a high-quality event, and has indoor and outdoor standard size arenas with GGT footing.

Tate and Galdun have worked with each other’s clients, as well as taking lessons from each other, and have been eager to offer a co-facilitated educational event. Tate has hosted Galdun in her Team Tate Academy Podcast and they have discussed the biomechanics of riding and the art of seat instruction in other venues such as Equine Affair, YouTube, and in individual clinics.

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JJ Tate

A top International Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer, JJ has been competing at the highest levels for over 25 years. She holds herself to the highest standards to train with integrity and without shortcuts, adhering to the classical dressage principles that are aligned with how horses think, move, and learn.

She has successfully trained dozens of horses up the levels and has competed over 35 horses at the FEI levels with many notable accomplishments throughout her career.

JJ has spent the last 2 summers training with Michael Klimke in Germany. She also consistently works with Olympian Ali Brock and has had long-term training relationships with Oded Shimoni, Gerhard Politz, Walter Zettl, Scott Hassler, and Michael Barisone. She first rode with Charles de Kunffy as an 11-year-old and continues to work with him to this day.

A highly sought-after clinician, JJ is a gifted teacher who happily works with any horse and rider at any level, sharing her program based on humane, compassionate, and systematic development of the horse through classical dressage.

JJ created her USDF University accredited online training program, Team Tate Academy, because she believes everyone should have access to high-level training and theory, regardless of where they live or what kind of horse they ride.

Suzanne Galdun

Suzanne is one of only nine rider biomechanics coaches in the US currently accredited by Mary Wanless in her Ride With Your Mind method, and has been studying under Mary for over 10 years. Based in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Suzanne has become a highly sought after clinician herself, teaching all levels of riders and horses, helping riders make small changes in their body to facilitate positive change in the horse.

While staying accessible to the local grass roots dressage community, Suzanne also coaches international FEI riders such as Lauren Sprieser and Jessica Jo Tate, as well as many of their students in clinics. Lauren notes that Suzanne’s teaching is “exceptional, accessible to all levels of rider, and intensely valuable to riders and auditors alike.” JJ has had Suzanne as a guest on her podcast and Facebook live discussions, connecting Suzanne’s style of teaching with her own classical training background.

Suzanne has a keen eye, and can quickly discern what challenges are most important for a rider to address so that training goals for the horse can be more easily achieved. With exercises, images, and hands-on resistances, Suzanne is truly able to teach riders sensory specific feelings that they can then apply in motion in the saddle. Her clinics are fun and engaging for all levels of participants, whether riding or auditing. In 2023, Suzanne was a featured presenter at Equine Affaire Ohio, presenting both riding clinics and unmounted interactive lectures which were very well received.

Suzanne is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other riders and coaches, and often partners with other professionals, coming in as a second set of eyes to approach rider issues from a different perspective. A former NARHA certified therapeutic riding instructor, she also has presented multiple clinics at PATH therapeutic centers, crafted to help therapeutic riding instructors incorporate rider biomechanics and equine posture analysis into their everyday work. In 2025 she will be teaching at one of PATH’s regional conferences. She continues to study with Mary Wanless as well as pursuing further education in related fields such as hoof care and human and equine anatomy and physiology, in order to continue adding more tools to the tool box she has developed.