All Dressage Association Presents:

Cavaletti Clinic with Erika Jansson “The Cavaletti Lady”

April 15 & 16th and Fall Dates TBD
Lone Tree Stables – Rockford, MI

  • 45 minute small group sessions starting with 4 cavaletti and adding up to 25!
  • Groups of no more than 4 deliver individual instruction and offer a relaxing learning environment.
  • All disciplines Welcome!

Help your horse gain elasticity, respond better to half halts, learn to travel straighter, and develop strength and flexibility with this fun and creative clinic! Sign up with some friends or come make some more with this inclusive and fun clinic.


Clinic Details

Participation: $65/ride (must be a current ADA member)
Auditing: $10/day (open to all!)

Location: Lone Tree Stables
9621 Ramsdell Dr NE, Rockford, MI 49341